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YGPT Approved Sites!

This page displays the APPROVED sites & gives a brief descrition.

Contact us to advertise your banner above! ONLY $8 per month!

Note: Sites below are added in the order they applied.  Once we reach 10 listed we will rotate so everyone gets a turn at being first!
Cash Lagoon
Referal levels:Yes Payments:Daily

Referal Levels: Yes Payments: Daily

Referal Levels: Yes Payments: Monthly

Referal Levels: Yes Payments: DAILY

In order to be listed on this page EACH SITE has gone through our verification process listed on the front page!
If you would like your site added just fill out our short application and we will review the requirements and get back to you within 24 hours!
Make sure to check out our sites that are no good on our navigation bar so you don't get SCAMMED!

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All banners are property of You Get Paid to. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A BANNER on our site unless you have permission by us to do so.  If found to have an unapproved banner placement legal action will be taken!