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You Get Paid To


Welcome to our web site!

We have establied "You Get Paid To" in order to verify and Promote GPT sites that pay, are honest, and have a proven track records.

Contact Us to Advertise your banner above! ONLY $8 per month!

In order to place our logo on your site there are a few requirements that MUST BE MET!
1).  All sites listed must have been open for at least 4 months prior to applying OR currently own a site that has been open for 4 months with payment proof as required below
2).  All sites listed must have a minimum of 300 members
3).  All sites must provide at least 10 "proofs of Payments".  This can be screen shots or a simple URL to their forum where payments are posted
4).  All sites must be owned by the person applying
5).  All sites must NOT be listed on the GPT Boycott Site or currently listed here
6).  All sites must agree to post our banner with a link back to us once approved
If you wish your site to be added but for some reason you do NOT meet ALL requirements please contact us so we may discuss it and depending on the circumstances may add your site.  Some of these cicumstances are you previously owned a site that meets the requirements and sold it WITH PAYING ALL MEMBERS prior to terminating ownership.

If you have questions or are interested in our premium direct please Click Here to contact us


UpGrade To Premium Direct for Owners & GPT Members!


Owners UpGrade

You may upgrade at ANY TIME during your membership!  All applies as the standard application except instead of using our links to your site we will use a direct link to your site that you provide to us & the banner you prefer that you provide us.  You also can add a brief description!  This url can be an admin account or just the direct url to your site.  Premium Direct memberships are a flat rate of $15 and will not expire unless your site shuts down or our banner is no longer displayed on your site.

GPT Members Upgrade

If you are a GPT member you may also  use our upgrade feature!  This will allow you to have your BLOG, Website, or anything else that promotes GPT sites along with a brief descrition!  THE ONLY Requirement is that ALL SITES listed on your page(s) MUST BE ON HERE or have prior aproval from us and you MUST place our logo with a link back to us.  IF One of your sites on your page is removed from here for whatever reason you must ALSO agree to remove it on your site as well. Please see our "Sites to Stay Clear From" with why we may ask you to remove the site.  That's it!  For GPT members the fee is ONLY $30 for the LIFETIME of the membership!  The GPT members upgrade is more because you have more than 1 site listed on your page.

To Upgrade

Just fill out the second form below or contact us letting us know you would like to upgrade.  We will then send you a bill along with how to pay.    Once payment has been made we will then contact you for your link and  banner link if applicable which redirects to the url you provided!

OR if you already meet the criteria you may send us a direct paypal payment to  along with in the instruction box just put your link and banner url.  If using a LINK ONLY just put that.  If using BOTH please put both.


Interested in Applying?  Please fill out the form below!

If you are a GPT member applying or are currently listed and wish to upgrade please skip to the second form.

Site Name:
Site URL:
How Long Have You Been Open:
Is Your Site a GPT:
Can You Provide Proof of at least 10 Payments:
Are You Listed On The GPT Boycott Site:
How Many Members Do You Have:
Please Sign that you are the owner of the site and all Information above is true:
Are You interested in a premium membership or standard:
Email Address:

UPGRADE Application!
If you are a current member here that owns a site, ALL you have to fill out is your site name, date, URLof what you would like a link to  and the Banner URL you would like us to add in place of what is up if Applicable If you like what we have up then please just leave blank or put N/A in that slot. 

Are you a Current member here or a GPT member wanting to add their site:
If you are a GPT Member are the sites on your page also here:
If you are a GPT Member do you have any sites on your page that are NOT listed here:
If yes to the above question please list the other sites separated by a comma:
What is your email address to send the payment request to:
Will You be paying by PayPal, Alert Pay, Check or Money Order:
Please enter your URL:
Please Enter your banner URL:
You agree TO NOT List unapproved sites on your page without prior consent from us and understand that if found to have these your link will no longer be active until removal of that site:

All banners are property of You Get Paid to. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A BANNER on our site unless you have permission by us to do so.  If found to have an unapproved banner placement legal action will be taken!