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You Get Paid To

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About Us

Customers like to know about the company behind the services that are offered.

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Our Company

We have searched hi and low for legit sites that will pay.  These sites are well established in the industry with HIGHLY PROVEN Track records of payment and integrity.  Though there are still sites popping up frequently that just take the money and run so to speak as we advise you research these and stay clear until they have been open for AT LEAST 3 MONTHS without gaps in communication, or payments.  We have established a list of the sites that have paid us personally and MANY others and have applied to our network and have gone through our verification process. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in the highest quality products and services for all GPT members. We believe GPT Members  are the industries GREATEST ASSET , and we are dedicated to serving your needs.  We DO NOT Place sites on here that have fraudulent owners or allow fraudulent members or have gaps in communication with the members or gaps in payments with out notice. 

All banners are property of You Get Paid to. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A BANNER on our site unless you have permission by us to do so.  If found to have an unapproved banner placement legal action will be taken!